UFED Cloud Analyzer 7.3 Update

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New Cloud Data and App Access

Users increasingly rely on Google to back up their mobile data which conveniently allows them to easily migrate their phone environment to new phones. Accessing this level of back-up data and call logs, empowers investigations to be very granular with their proceedings. Cellebrite has also expanded its list of cloud data apps which now include Booking.com, servicing 43 languages for 229 countries, and Fitbit, with over 10 million users, for additional mapping of personal behavior.

UFED’s Cloud Analyzer 7.3 now supports data, in accordance with the laws of local jurisdictions, from:

  • Google’s back-up and extraction features that operate behind its cloud service products.
  • Personal data usage of Booking.com’s travel website and search engine
  • Personal activity tracker data from the Fitbit app

Visually document and share your digital investigative process

UFED Cloud Analyzer 7.3 enables you to produce powerful visual reports to effectively interrogate suspects, share findings with peers and present to juries in a way that is quickly understood and can help advance the case.
Using the screen capture and video recording capability, you can take images or videos from extraction to review of captured data allowing you to:

  • Quickly and clearly document and explain your digital examination and investigative processes
  • Build compelling reports with visual aids that are easy to present
  • Share and communicate with other personnel more efficiently and effectively

Using this tool, you can take screen shots or video recordings including audio. For each one, you can enter label, notes, save the screenshot to a person or to a network location, and select for the report.

Mobile Phone Data: Accessing Google Mobile Phone Back-up Information

For Android devices, important data is usually backed up on the Google cloud empowering users to easily move from old phones to new. UFED Cloud Analyzer 7.3 is able to access user data, a valuable source of digital evidence, even from older phones which are not in possession.

Supported data includes: SMSs depending on device type, call logs, wifi passwords and blocked contacts. Access is established by extracting tokens from a mobile device or using a username and password.

Travel Data: Booking.com records travel and accommodation intentions and completion.

With more than 100M installs, Booking.com is one of the leading travel fare aggregator website and travel metasearch engine for lodging reservations.

UFED Cloud Analyzer 7.3 provides access to user profile, purchase history, messages and searches. You can access by extracting tokens from a mobile device or using a username and password.

Health + Movement Data: Leverage personal data from the Fitbit Wearable Activity Tracker

FitBit products are activity trackers, wireless-enabled wearable technology devices that measure data such as the number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep, steps climbed, and other personal metrics involved in fitness. FitBit has a user base of over 10 million people, and is popular among a variety of ages. You can view Fitbit information online, on a mobile device, or through the desktop application. Up-to-date FitBit devices have been involved in several case investigations. Analyzing the artifacts generated by the applications are important.

UFED Cloud Analyzer 7.3 provides access to user profile, logs, activities, goals, friends, heart rate, exercise track (speed, location, time etc.). You can access by extracting tokens from a mobile device or using a username and password.