UFED Cloud Analyzer for Public Domain is now available to all UFED Ultimate users

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Get complimentary access to social media data from the Public Domain

Use forensically-sound methods to automatically obtain publicly available data from popular social media platforms, and enrich your evidence with cloud data from Google Hangouts.
In recent years, publicly available data from social media channels has positively impacted investigations of all kinds, and has proved to be an excellent supplement to the hands-on, human, first-person investigative methods. However, up until now many of the existing methods have been manual, time consuming and ineffective.

Now, Cellebrite’s UFED Cloud Analyzer 7.0 provides all UFED Physical Analyzer users with a complimentary capability to automatically extract and preserve public domain, forensically sound data in one workflow. With an active UFED Physical Analyzer license, users can enrich their extracted data sources, and quickly reveal evidence hiding in plain sight on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all in accordance with the laws of local jurisdictions. Click here to get started with UFED Cloud Analyzer for Public domain.

Existing UFED Cloud Analyzer users can upgrade to version 7.0 and benefit from new support for Google Hangouts. with UFED Cloud Analyzer 7.0. Using tokens extracted from a mobile device or PC or a user’s name and password, users can now extract chats, call logs, contacts and files embedded in chats, and strengthen the case evidence