UFED Physical Analyzer 7.20 Release

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Get more location data from wireless networks and cell towers

If you are a registered user of the Cellebrite Reader software, and have activated your account, you can now benefit from the online enrichment services to get additional locations data. This complementary service, allows you to convert BSSID and Cell ID values into physical locations with map coordinates, pending you have a live internet connection. This service is complementary to the current offline option.

Enhancements to the Project VIC/CAID workflow

Following multiple customer requests to include both the hash values and the binary media files to the VIC/CAID export flow, we have added this capability to UFED Physical Analyzer 7.20. In this version you can now ‘give back’ to Project VIC/CAID by uploading suspicious media files to the central database while incorporating the hash values and binary media files.

Global setting to select/unselect items in a report

With one click, you can decide to incorporate or exclude all items from a report. With the select all/ unselect all button added to the project tree pane, you can now make faster selections including adding events that occurred within a specific date range.

Additional enhancements include:

Play WhatsApp audio files

As part of the review process, we enable you to playback WhatsApp audio files (.opus) in UFED Physical Analyzer.

Telegram support for iOS

Following the recent support of Telegram messenger for newer iOS versions in the last UFED Physical Analyzer release, we are pleased to announce extended support for attachments, locations and group chats.