UFED Physical Analyzer 7.9 Release

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New and enhanced capabilities simplify the examination and reporting process with screen shots and video recordings


  • Visually document and share your digital investigative process
  • Enhanced common/ known images filter.
        App Support
  • Additional deleted WhatsApp messages for both iOS and Android – Cellebrite can recover deleted messages from two additional databases: ChatSearch V3 database (for iOS) and msgstore.db (for Android)
  • Now supported for iOS devices, Life360 (Find My Family, Friends, Phone) – we can recover User Account, contacts, single/group chats and locations from the world’s leading real-time, location-sharing app, with more than 10 million downloads.
  • 147 updated application version for iOS and Android devices.

Cellebrite’s tools not only recover all available data from digital devices, but simplify the way data is presented, shared and used. In this new version of UFED Physical Analyzer, UFED Logical Analyzer and Cellebrite Reader 7.9, investigators, interrogators, jury and prosecutors can benefit from clearer and easy to digest reports, for a smoother work process and faster case resolution.

Visually document and share your digital investigative process

Produce powerful visual reports to effectively interrogate suspects, share findings with peers and present to juries in a way that is quickly understood and can help advance the case with the new Screen Capture capability.

  • Quickly and clearly document, and explain your digital investigative processes with images and video clips
  • Build compelling reports with visual aids that are easy to present to peers and juries and can be used to interrogate suspects more effectively
  • Share and communicate critical evidence using visuals with other personnel more efficiently and effectively
  • Accelerate technical troubleshooting and issue resolution by sharing your screen with our support team

Recover more data from more than 160 app versions

This new version update enables you to access more deleted messages from one of the most popular and important data sources, WhatsApp.
We are also pleased to announce new support for the Life360 application for iOS. Users can recover chats, contacts and locations.
In addition, there is a new update available for the wireless network/BSSID offline database.