Urgent Fix for Cellebrite Physical Analyzer v7.51 And Prior Versions

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Urgent Fix for Cellebrite Physical Analyzer v7.51 and prior versions

January 2022


There is an urgent fix included in Physical Analyzer 7.52 that corrects timestamp validation associated with 2022 artifacts. This new version is available on the MyCellebrite Portal.

Issue description

In Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7.52 the validation method for timestamps has been updated. If you use PA 7.51 or a lower version to decode an extraction of a device that was seized after 31/12/2021, some forensic artifacts from 2022 might be filtered out based on an “invalid” timestamp.

The issue occurs under the following conditions:

  • The PA version used for processing is v7.51 or lower
  • The device was seized after 12/31/21


Some forensic artifacts dated 1/1/2022 or later, might be missing when processed using PA v7.51 or lower.

What now?

If you have an extraction that was performed after 12/31/21, you should decode the extraction again – using PA 7.52.