What’s new in Encase Forensic 8.06

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Introducing Enhanced EnCase Indexing Engine

In this latest release, EnCase Forensic 8 ofers you an enhanced indexing engine that empowers you to conduct your investigations with powerful processing speeds, improved foreign language support, advanced keyword searching, and optimized performance.

The time it takes investigators to complete their investigations drastically decreases as the enhanced indexing engine processes critical data up to four times faster than previous versions of EnCase. With an advanced query syntax, support for over 25 diferent languages, and improved hardware utilization, investigators can simultaneously search and analyze key evidence to uncover their fndings.

Enhanced Indexing Engine

The EnCase Enhanced Indexing Engine provides powerful processing speeds, improved language support, and advanced keyword searching so that the time it takes investigators to complete their analysis drastically decreases, resulting in less time spent on cases and lower costs.

Mobile Acquisitions

The moment you’ve been waiting for. EnCase Forensic 8 now features mobile acquisition capabilities, supporting ALL smartphone operating systems, and over 26,000+ device profiles. You can now logically or physically acquire data such as text messages, pictures,app data, deleted data and much more to gather the critical evidence you need for your case. In today’s world, you need a tool that can collect from any device, and EnCase Forensic is here to help

Investigation Workflows

With new investigation workflows, known as Pathways, built into Forensic 8 examiners of any skill, from experts to the most junior member of the team, can complete the most common tasks associated with a triage or comprehensive investigation. With a few clicks an examiner can take a case from adding and processing evidence through creating a report of their findings. The most important part of the investigation remains the examiners ability to uncover evidence using their expertise, however with Pathways, examiners can rest assured that navigating EnCase Forensic will not slow down their progress.

  • Integration with Project VIC
  • RAW Image Support
  • EnScript Launcher
  • Bookmark as Image

NEW Add-On Solution

EnCase Mobile Investigator

Being able to review, bookmark, parse, and report on mobile evidence is critical in an investigation to uncover findings. Sold separately, EnCase Mobile Investigator allows investigators to easily review EnCase Forensic 8 acquired evidence from all types of digital devices without having to process the evidence. When used with EnCase Forensic, you can save time and allow case agents, attorneys, or other third parties to easily review data.

The Usability You Wanted

EnCase Forensic 8 delivers the usability you have been asking for. Here are just a few of the many features we’ve added to make your job easier:

  • Persistent blue-checks: In EnCase Forensic 8, you can now “blue-check” important files and those selections will persist no matter what screen you navigate.
  • Entry-view refresh: In EnCase Forensic 8, you will no longer need to navigate away from the entry view after hash analysis, adding a new partition, or processing your evidence to see the results of the task. With one click of the refresh button, your view will simply refresh.
  • Multi-colored sweeping bookmarks: One of the most beloved features of EnCase has returned. You can now highlight any string, create a bookmark, and then highlight a string within the bookmarked string using a different color. With this, you can now easily focus on a portion of a bookmarked string, easily identifying its importance to the case.
  • “Fourth Pane” Condition/EnScript/Filter Management: This new window, known to many as the “Fourth Pane” has returned. Examiners can now organize, add/import, edit, and run items without navigating a drop-down menu or switching their view.
  • Streamlined Decoding Workflow: Evidence is already difficult enough to find. So we’ve made it easier for you. You can now see decoded interpretations of your evidence when viewing it in text or hex format. This new feature will make finding evidence critical to you case quicker and easier.