X-Ways Forensics 19.5 SR-4 was released

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  • Prevented exception errors that could occur with carved corrupt Canon Zoom Browser files (.info).
  • Some previously existing directories of which traces were found in $LogFile were erroneously included in the volume snapshot as files. That could lead to consequential parent-child problems for files that were contained in those directories, if traces of these files were also found in $LogFile.
  • Fixed an error that under certain circumstances prevented the removal of unwanted hash values from a specifically targeted hash set in the hash database.
  • Fixed an exception error that could occur when generating the alternative preview of .eml files.
  • If the surrogate pattern for unreadable sectors is completely removed, that will now result in an all zeroes again as documented and as known from v19.1 and earlier.
  • Fixed incomplete GPS latitude output.
  • Fixed an exception error that occurred in v19.5 when recovering files by type from within uninterpreted raw image files.
  • Prevented reproduction of trailing backslashes in evidence object names as top level directory names in evidence file containers.
  • Fixed an exception error that could occur in the 64-bit edition when activating the Type filter with a user-defined type list.