X-Ways Forensics 19.6 Preview 4 was released.

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Preview 4:

  • Even more icons in the user interface.
  • PNG files now also receive a generator signature as part of metadata extraction, to identify PNG files that likely originate from the same source and PNG files that are screenshots.
  • The new column “Camera type” was renamed to “Device type”. Pictures that were identified as screenshots are shown with “screen” as the device type.
  • A new file named PhoneAliasTable.txt contains a translation from internal device designations to human-readable marketing names. In particular device designations used by Samsung, Motorola, LG und Huawei are rather cryptic and better understood if translated. This table can also contain the device’s release date and region. That table is currently relatively sparsely populated, but its format is explained in the header so that users can help to complete it.
  • The command line parameter RVS now includes screenshot of the volume snapshot refinement dialog in the case log showing the active refinement settings. That screenshot is either textual or graphical depending on your case settings.
  • Same fix level as v19.5 SR-4.


Preview 5:

  • Improved stability when processing EVTX files.
  • Camera type detection improved.
  • Improved detection of PNG screenshots of old mobile phones.
  • Extraction of Content created timestamp from JPEG files improved.
  • Time zone extracted from files that were produced by some new Sony devices.
  • GPS processing mode listed in Details mode. This mode allows to estimate the reliability/precision of the coordinates, is used by various manufacturers, and it can be one of the following values: unknown, GPS, Network, Hybrid, Fused, or CELLID.
  • Automatic removal of interspersed padding data between two thumbnails in JPEG files created by various digital camera models, which was previously included in (prepended to) the second thumbnail’s data.
  • Some minor improvements.
  • Same fix level as v19.5 SR-5.