X1 Social Discovery 5.3.1 Now Available

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What’s New with Version 5.3.1?

Release Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Website Deliverable creation on new web crawl collections
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from adding a logo to PDF deliverables
  • Re-added the ability to remove specific metadata fields on Load File generation
  • Fixed a bug that caused Matter creation to get stuck in a loop for some users
  • Implemented handling of User Access Token changes for Facebook
  • Implemented handling of Instagram’s new rate limits
  • Added support for Web Scanner exported content to the Validation Tool
  • Fixed an issue that prevented photo and video content from being collected on some Facebook collections

Known Issues:


  • Public user profile search/collection is currently unavailable for Instagram Examiner collections
  • ‘AuthorID’ metadata field is no longer available for all Instagram collected content
  • Comments and Likes information is unavailable for Public Instagram collections (only the number of likes and number of comments are captured)
  • Likes Information is unavailable for Credentialed Instagram collections  (only number of likes are captured)


  • Facebook Group collection is unavailable for Credentialed and Examiner collections
  • Detailed timestamp information (hour/minute) is not available for some Facebook posts/comments
  • Increased potential of Facebook Examiner Account Restriction
    • Note:  With recent Facebook changes we have seen a significant increase in account restriction potential. To minimize potential for account restriction, it is extremely important to limit use of one Examiner account per machine (i.e. not share the same Examiner account across multiple machines). Also, reducing the amount of data being collected by limiting the number of accounts added or limiting collections by date may lessen risk of account restriction.

Which operating systems are supported with v5.3.1?

Windows 7 (x64), Windows 8.1 (x64) and Windows 10 (x64).