X1 Social Discovery 5.3 Now Available

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What’s New with Version 5.3?

Please Note: With the release of v5.3 and going forward, X1 Social Discovery will only support Windows 64 bit Operating Systems. All support for 32 bit Operating Systems will be discontinued.

New Features:
  • Social Media accounts can now be added by URL instead of just by Username/UserID
  • Added ability to collect Instagram posts with multiple media (photos and videos)
  • Added ability to set date limits for Instagram User and Examiner Collections
  • Added the ability to collect Twitter’s new 280 character Tweets
  • Improved handling of Twitter linked content downloads
  • Added the ability to set date limits for Facebook User Account Collections
  • Improved handling of multiple video posts on Facebook
  • Restored ability to collect commenter Names on public Facebook Page capture
  • Fixed a bug that prevented full Timeline collection of certain accounts
Web Capture:
  • Improved Web Snapshot captures taken from LinkedIn activity feeds
  • Added ability to bypass certificate errors on Web Capture page navigating
  • Implemented better handling of browser cookies
  • Added date range filtering option for IMAP email collections
PDF Deliverable:
  • PDF deliverables can now be created from Federated Saved Searches
  • Removed DOCID as a required field for PDF deliverable creation
  • Improved output of Twitter Linked Content
  • Improved output of Instagram posts that contain videos
  • Improved ability to open external links directly from Metadata pages
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain exports to be generated with very small font
  • Upgraded internal PDF library
Concordance and .CSV Deliverables:
  • Added ability to export preview to TIFF or PDF file formats for Concordance and CSV deliverable
  • Improved processing of family relationships on export
MD5 Authentication (See below for more detailed summary)
  • Creation of authentication (MD5 hashing) version control as the available fields from the Social Media providers is dynamic
  • Further refined the authentication algorithms for parent/child relationships in regards to hashing the original post vs. comments/reactions about the post. (i.e. ensuring a new like does not affect the hash of an original post)
  • Independent validation tool to analyze deliverables (with the proper fields included) to confirm the hashing authentication of the evidence (available in early March 2018)
  • White paper providing a detailed explanation of the new authentication versioning controls (available in early March 2018)

And many other small bug fixes and improvements!