X1 Social Discovery 5.4 Now Available

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What’s New with Version 5.4? 


Social Discovery 5.4 introduces the first iteration of X1 updated Facebook scanner. Previous Facebook collections will be categorized as (legacy) Facebook and available in read-only format. To continue indexing, new collections must be added using the updated Facebook scanner. Please see below for details on what is currently supported via the updated Facebook scanner:

  • Updated Credentialed Facebook User Account Capture
    • (Includes: User Info, Messages, Posts, Album Photos, and Album Videos)
  • Removed ability to “Create Alerts” for All Facebook and Instagram Collections per Facebook Terms of Service Requirements
  • Added ability to copy/reuse credentials from a legacy Facebook collection when present (Examiner and Credentialed)
Other Enhancements and Fixes:
  • Implemented a fix for Instagram authentication loop
  • Fixed an issue that caused some website exports to generate a blank text file
  • Improved handling of index core crashes
  • Implemented a UI warning when corrupt indexes are detected within a case

And many other small bug fixes and improvements!

Known Issues (v5.4):
  • Public user profile search/collection is currently unavailable for Instagram Examiner collections
  • ‘AuthorID’ metadata field is no longer available for all Instagram collected content
  • Comments and Likes information is unavailable for Public Instagram collections (only the number of likes and number of comments are captured)
  • Likes Information is unavailable for Credentialed Instagram collections (only number of likes are captured)
  • Facebook Group and Page collection is unavailable for Credentialed and Examiner collections
  • Collection of Extended Friend Info is unavailable for Credentialed collections

What does this mean for you?
The next time you launch X1 Social Discovery, you will see a dialog box prompting the option to upgrade your software to our latest version. Please see below from common questions and answers:

Which operating systems are supported with v5.4?
Windows 7 (x64), Windows 8.1 (x64) and Windows 10 (x64).