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By translating scientific methods into intuitive software applications, we provide law enforcement around the world with the tools to effectively extract intelligence and build a case from digital images and video.

Every region in the world has its specific requirements for forensics and law enforcement. Therefore, we rely on a network of global partners to deliver our forensic software solutions around the world. These professional companies have plenty of experience in the wider field of digital forensics, and are ready to provide you with high quality first line support and service.

Product overview

Our products are tailor made to be used within the forensic framework and are designed to be intuitive, streamlined and responsive.Through continuous development, our software stays pertinent in enabling law enforcement to get actionable information from digital imagery.

A comprehensive toolbox for the enhancement of low quality footage to extract intelligence and build a case.

An easy to use platform to effectively investigate images and videos for traces of tampering.

A specialized tool for determining suspect height using computer reversed projection.